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Most real estate purchase transactions require financing. A lender can be a mortgage broker, a bank, a credit union, private financing, etc. Whichever option you choose, the lender will play an extremely significant role and will not only impact the interest rate and fees associated with your mortgage, but they will also be a key ingredient to experiencing an on-time, and relatively stress free closing!

We can help simplify your loan application process by referring you to our preferred mortgage consultants. Our mortgage professionals offer a hassle-free way to secure your purchase or refinance loan and are committed to providing you with the mortgage financing best suited to your needs and circumstances, and under the most favorable terms available. One of the many advantages of working with our trusted partners is they aren't only accountable to you and your single transaction, but also to us and our referral business which guarantees that you and your loan will be a top priority and you will be treated with the respect and care you deserve.   

When you apply for your mortgage you will be asked to complete a loan application, provide documentation and verify your income. You may also be asked to give permission for your credit score to be checked, and for your assets and employment to be verified. There are numerous steps to take to secure financing, and the lender you select and your cooperation with this individual will be critical to the successful closing of your purchase. Give us or our partners a call for a personal conversation about your mortgage loan.

Stratton Mortgage
6221 Riverside Dr
Dublin, Ohio 43017
Contact Name: Tom Christy
Phone: 614-371-1371

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