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A Better Way to Buy and Sell a Home

How you Save...

On average, a traditional agent charges you 3-4% of your home's sale price to sell your home (the total fee is 6-7% with 3% going to the agent that represents the Buyer for your home). If you agree to Buy and Sell with us... we charge just 1.5% (with a minimum fee of $2,500), without forcing you to compromise on service (the total fee is 4.5%). As an example, on a $400,000 home you would save $6,000 in fees by buying and selling with our team instead of a traditional agent:

 photo real_estate_commission_fees_zps225eeb1d.jpg

We use the latest technology and strategic partnerships to make selling your home easier for everyone, so we can afford to give you both better service and lower fees! It's no secret that Columbus is currently a Seller's Market. Homes are selling in record time which is reducing our marketing costs, savings we are passing along to our clients!

Take advantage of this market, and this limited time offer!

How Real Estate Commissions Work
Brokerages charge a commission for the services they provide. When you sell your home with a traditional brokerage, on average you pay your listing agent 3-4% and the buyer's agent 3% — for a total of 6-7% of the home's sale price.

When you agree to buy and sell with us, you pay just half the normal listing fee (1.5% of your home's sale price with a minimum fee of $3,000), yet you receive a more advanced marketing plan, and a much more complete range of services than you'd receive from the traditional agent. To be clear, we are not limited service / discount brokers (who simply list your home on the MLS and a handful of real estate websites and allow you to handle the details of actually selling your home) and rather we provide the complete range of real estate listing services.

While you still have to pay the buyer broker fee (this is paid out to the agent that represents the buyer for your home), you can choose between offering the standard full 3%, or you can elect to reduce this to 2.5%. Thus your total brokerage fee is 4.0-4.5%, NOT 6-7%. Plus, we never charge an up-front fee and there are no hidden fees.

As the buyer, you pay nothing for the services we provide as your buyer's agent, and rather we are paid by the listing broker via the 3% buyer broker fee the seller agreed to when they signed the listing agreement with their listing agent. So when you agree to buy and sell with us you not only receive our Buyer Agency Services FREE OF CHARGE (this applies regardless of whether you purchase an existing home, or a newly built home from one of our local Central Ohio builders), but you also save 1.5-2.0% on the sale of your current home!

Sell Your Home Faster, for More Money

Obtaining the highest price for your home involves providing far-reaching exposure to a qualified audience of motivated home buyers. This requires the combination of a solid marketing plan, targeted media exposure, and the utilization of our powerful network of in and out-of-area brokers and buyers.

When you partner with our team, you and your home become a vital component of our integrated marketing program. Our unparalleled ability to expose your property through both traditional as well as advanced modern channels, combined with our industry contacts and local knowledge, assures that your property will be marketed through a disciplined and comprehensive plan that is based on proven marketing principles. See the numbers for yourself and how we provide... better results for a lower fee.  

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When you combine the commission savings with the higher average sales price, sellers who list with our team save approximately $14,900.

Why Work with Us...

Proven Performance & Honest Advice from an Experienced Professional

- Rest assured you're getting the best representation and service available.
- We use up-to-the-minute data and online tools to ensure your home is properly priced.
- Our agents have more experience and close 16x the business of the average agent.
- We are a full service brokerage and while our fee is reduced, the level of service we provide is not.
- We'll suggest what should (and what shouldn't) be done to prepare and sell your home. - No hidden fees.

Professional Photos & Help Staging Allow your Home to Look its Best

- We'll work with you to make sure your home stands out from the competition both online and in person.
- Our free staging recommendations and professional photography allows your home to show in its best light resulting in a faster sale at the highest possible price.
- We advise you on which repairs will provide a return on your investment and which aren't.
- We will refer you to top-rated local professionals for handyman services, landscaping, painting, etc. and those who will help save you money on any necessary repairs and improvements.

Maximum Exposure Means 10x as Many Buyers See Your Home

- When you list with us your home gets premium placement as a featured listing and is seen by 10x as many buyers on the most-visited websites for home buyers.
- Our listings are syndicated out to over 300 real estate websites including the Top Four:,, and
- Today over 50% of today's buyers are searching on their mobile devices. Our mobile campaign puts your home in front of these on-the-go buyers.If your agent doesn't have a mobile marketing plan you're missing out on half of the eligible buyers!
- Our signs include QR Codes allowing mobile buyers access to property details and the ability to schedule showings direct from their devices.
- We promote your home in targeted campaigns using NextHome's exclusive PinPoint Marketing, targeting buyers who have previously expressed interest in locating a home in your area.

Keeping you Informed Every Step of the Way

- We will provide updates with important information on web traffic and showing feedback.
- We will keep you abreast of local market activity, that is new listings and price reductions on comparable properties.
- We will provide bi-weekly progress reports to discuss overall activity and strategy.

You Get the Best Price & Lower Fees

- We have the the determination, prowess and experience to negotiate the best price.
- We give honest, no pressure advice and get you the right outcome.
- You'll work with a specialist... a Listing Agent and a Buyer's Agent who specialize in these individual capacities and will spend their time serving you! While the average agent attempts to serve both responsibilities in an effort to earn both sides of the deal this is counter productive to the client's interest. Your listing agent will focus solely on selling your home rather than spending half of their day showing homes to buyer. Your Buyer's agent will focus exclusively on finding your new home as opposed to drumming up new business.
- You get all this and our reduced fees allow you to keep more money in your pocket. Click here to view testimonials and reviews from our past clients or here to learn more about myself and my team.

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